Sunday, 3 January 2016

Vehicle for public hire

Getting there safely at +6082419982 or +60126379508 to arrange a pickup; We Are Really To Serve You with Reasonable Price & Comfortable Service. Call us to arrange a pickup. Airport Pickup, Kuching Central Pickup, Short, Long Distance or full day service & Other Charter Service; Our services provide transportation by phone and reservation & Reservations Can Be Made In Advance. Vehicle for public services; Can be hired hourly to provide you with transportation around Kuching City and Other destination service; 45 minutes drive from Kuching is the Damai beach & Sentubong peninsular area. Apart from the beach, the main attraction here is the Sarawak Cultural Village, a living museum. Worth the trip to come here for a glimpse of the local ethnics way of living and culture; It is a mere 1 hour plus journey from Kuching to experience the wonders nature. The famous Cat Museum [famous because "Kuching" is "cat" in Malay] is housed in the City Hall of Kuching North. Entrance to the museum is free but the exhibits may not be to everybody’s liking. Some people find it rather kitschy and if you come here expecting a historical museum, you will be disappointed. So, what can you find here? Well, there are pictures and figurines of cats [what did you expect?] and other cat trivia such as movies and books with a link to cats. Personally I liked the figurines and cute cats, but the trivia stuff was not really that interesting for me. Located in the Petra Jaya which is just outside of Kuching town, you’ll need a car [or taxi] to get here. You can also take a long walk up to the hilltop where the building is. The building looks like an alien space ship but is actually based on the design of a traditional Melanau hat. The Melanau are a group of people native to Sarawak. This charming little park deserves an entry on my page simply because of the imposing statue of Admiral Zheng He [Cheng Ho]. To me there was an aura about this statue - an aura of power of dominance...maybe it's the size and posture of the statue that give it that effect. The brand new park is located in an upper middle class residential area within the Tabuan Jaya district. Only years old, the park's construction was paid for by the Chinese government to commemorate 30 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China. That's why it's named as "Taman Sahabat" or "Friendship Park". There's not much to do here other than to rest and relax. For those who don't know, Zheng He was a Chinese Muslim admiral from the Ming dynasty and a eunuch too. He made 7 voyages in the 15th Century to other Asian countries, including India and as far as to the west coast of Africa. Zheng He was recently made more famous with the publication of Gavin Menzies "1421: The year the Chinese discovered the world" where the author postulates that Zheng He discovered America before Columbus. Have a great trip and have nice day, looking forward to seeing you onboard, Warmest regards, Thanks, Car Service, Mr. Jafa, Hp. +6082419982 or +60126379508

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